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MKTChat is a messenger app that lets people securely instant message each other. This application has several features that integrate our MarketCash (MKT) token, allowing you to perform actions such as: send instant money through chat while chatting with your friends and in the future, buy or sell products and services directly through the application.

Features of our app

Through our app, users can earn our token by inviting others to use the app. In addition, they can also earn points by seeing ads and advertisements, these points can be used in the app to exchange for tokens or to pay fees.

Users can deposit, transfer with each other or withdraw our token (MKT) to external addresses. In addition, they can also purchase our token using a credit card.

Chat with friends in private or in groups, our app provides all the features you need for a good chat.

Users can also access chat via the web version from their computer, using the app to authenticate their web session.

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